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 All healthy relationships begin with a conversation.

 Let’s connect! 

My story

I am a natural connector, who got my start in the media through radio in 1980 in Michigan. I soon traveled west and was on-air at  legendary radio stations KTYD Santa Barbara, KGB, KSON and K-BEST in San Diego. I was even part of a team that won a prestigious Marconi Award for my work on Smooth Jazz 98.1.

My attraction to technology and communication led me to expand by business to include social media, branding and marketing. Being a connector is one of my better skills. It exhilarates me when I connect inspired individuals to one another.

Philanthropic at heart I have been involved in many international missions. I am part of a team that has built homes for marginalized families in Tijuana for five years.  I traveled to El Salvador to feed the homeless, Malaysia to build a school on Borneo, and Armenia to work with women and children in the small village of Amre Taza.  Most recently, I traveled to the Dominican Republic on humanitarian mission.

Social Media, voiceover and marketing come naturally to me and I have fun helping other businesses, non-profits or individuals develop their message.  

Meanwhile, I have decided to actively follow my calling. Which is writing and having deep conversations about all aspects of death and what follows after we leave this plane.

Why death? 

Ever since I was a little girl I have had an active imagination. Thankfully my mother fed this curiosity. She put books in my hands and listened endlessly to my stories. If I wasn't outside climbing trees, burying hidden treasure or hiding out in my secret fort you would find me reading, writing and day-dreaming in a big over stuffed lime green chair in our living room. 

Which brings me to now.

What started out as unspeakable grief over losing the most significant and influential person in my life has developed into a forthcoming book. My continued fascination with life after death also shows up on every show with my Apple Podcast, 

The Next Room. 

I am honored that you are here. 

Jane Asher Reaney


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